Rumorville: Téa Delgado is enlisted by Todd Manning to represent Starr, possibly in a wrongful death suit against Sonny Corinthos. If so, Alexis will be defending Sonny once again. It is also possible that Starr needs legal representation for another reason instead, one with more serious implications.

Lulu and Dante don't see eye to eye on the right time to have a baby.
Lulu decides she wants to become a cop.

Luke reluctantly hires Heather to work at Kelly's.

Jason and Liz remember Jake on his birthday.
Heather overhears Liz and Jason. Later, Liz is less than trusting of Heather's friendly demeanor towards her.

Sonny tries to warn Jason about Sam.

Sam throws Carly out of the penthouse when Carly berates her, saying that Jason doesn't trust her.

Expect more OLTL characters to show up on GH down the road, although several may only be for short-term stints.