Rumorville: Is there more to the pendant that Franco gave Carly than meets the "eye"?

Amsterdam straight ahead.  Looks like Jerry is sent to intercept/capture Sam and Patrick. This is when he learns that Julian is Sam's daughter and about Julian's entanglements with Fluke. Jerry's feelings also make an impact (as he cares for Alexis, and Sam is her daughter) so he lets them go. Although he feels indebted to Julian, he is jealous of Julian's relationship with Alexis and will be seen again.

As a result of the hormone injection, Lulu's behavior becomes increasingly erratic to the point that Dante may have to have her committed.

Michael turns to Rosalie for comfort and solace (including on a physical level), after learning of the betrayal by those he trusted.

Will Ava's baby be delivered by Sabrina? Stranger things have happened.

Looks like Morgan and Kiki will be coming together as a couple again, only to learn that Morgan is Ava's baby daddy.

Now that Michael knows the truth, disaster ahead for Carly and Franco's planned wedding.

How will Robin react to learning that Patrick and Sam are now a couple? How will Sam react to Patrick not telling her why Robin left in the first place (Jason)?

Will Julian be among those in Jason's cross hairs (perhaps thanks to Cassadine manipulation)? If so, what will that mean for Sam and Jason?

The initials B.E. ....Barrett Enterprises? Bill Eckert? Both?