Rumorville:  Ned shares his suspicions about Luke with Alexis.

Alexis wonders about the connection between Luke and Julian.

TJ rips into Molly when she wonders if his mother could be involved in illegal activities.

Scott and Bobbie begin to date. Lucy's girls are thrilled. When the reality of her matchmaking hits, Lucy is left dealing with her feelings.

Ned reaches out to Jenny Eckert and an old enemy (Paul Hornsby who returns with Ned to Port Charles in pursuit of the truth).

In some ways Maxie reminds Nathan of Nina. 

Sonny learns that Ava killed Connie and framed AJ! Since Ava knows that Sonny killed AJ, they wed to ensure neither can testify against each other. Surprisingly, real feelings begin to develop.

Has Stefan been kept at the Swiss clinic?

Is it possible that Nina's baby (a son) is alive?  Is this the same bad boy that Kailey calls to come to Port Charles?  The two may have been raised together.