Rumorville:  Michael gives the OK for Patrick to do the surgery on AJ. There is a complication during surgery which results in AJ being placed into a medically induced coma.

Ava realizes her brother is more of a threat to her than ever, now that she is aware of Ric and Julian's association.

TJ's mother, Jordan, tells Shawn and TJ she wants to take TJ back to Maryland. Shawn warns her that if she tries, he will spill the real reason why she left TJ with Shawn. Jordan decides to remain in Port Charles. There is more to her reasons for being in Port Charles than meets the eye.

Looks like Cameron made the origami gift for Emma from Britt's letter of confession to Lulu! (The evidence Britt thinks she destroyed was only the envelope, minus the letter).
  Will Liz share what she has discovered with Lulu?