Rumorville:  It looks like Patrick and Sabrina's baby will die. Patrick will want justice from the driver who caused the accident. An accusation leads to chaos. Their son's death will lead to Sabrina's exit for Teresa Castillo's' maternity leave.

Kiki takes an instant disliking to Morgan's new female friend. (Serena)

After all that has occurred, Bobbie doesn't want Lucas to have anything to do with Julian.

Why does (Kailey) give Nikolas a name that differs from the one Dr. Obrecht called her?

Nina makes a grand entrance.

Circumstances may lead to a temporary break up of Sam and Silas.

TJ's angst over his mother wears on Shawn and Jordan, and they try to decide how to handle it. Can they risk telling him the truth?

Danger ahead for Molly.

A few incidents leads Scott to believe someone is out for him.

Wedding bells for one couple (if our previous Rumorville item is correct, this would be Sonny and Ava); will another couple reconcile?

More trouble ahead for Anna and Duke's relationship.

Expect Franco to become more Todd-like this summer.  In other words, he has a great way with kids.

Josslyn does not like Franco and he makes attempts to win her over.  He decides to give her some advice when she sets her sights on Spencer. He then goes even further, telling Spencer that the best way to win back Emma is to pretend he likes Josslyn.

What happens when Lucy learns what Kevin was really doing in Seattle all last year?

Don't expect Maxie to regain custody of Georgie any time soon, but she will be allowed visitation.

Levi has a secret; Nathan may end up being Maxie's hero. 

Chances are viewers will know who "Luke" is long before the characters do.

Is there a breakdown of sorts coming for Sonny?  At any rate, he disappears. Someone may need to take over the reins of his operation. Who will it be? (Ava? Duke?)  Our earlier Rumorville item said Ava.

Don't give up on Nikolas and Liz.  

Looks like Stavros will return, and when he does both Liz and Lulu will be involved. Liz may become his target.

Still hearing rumors of a (Deception) Spa relaunch.

Rumors are that Kristen Devine has been cast in the role of Christina (Lucy and Kevin's adopted daughter).

Also, it is possible that Quinn Hunchar has been cast in the role of Kailey Cassadine.

Marina Jankowski (Jankowska?) could be the new Anna Donely.

David DeSantos and Barnett O'Hara are also said to be taping. O'Hara may appear as a drug dealer. It is possible that the DeSantos is a former boyfriend of Serena's.