Rumorville:  Monica may come to regret that she helped AJ.

Spinelli gets a new job.

The return of Helena Cassadine in December may not be her last, but this one involves a surprise for Luke.  (Will it involve Ethan's paternity?)  Expect to see her again after this stint.

We may have not seen the last of Jason Morgan.

There is still more truth for Sam to learn (perhaps involving her "rape" and more).

As mentioned previously, look for a possible Heather Webber murder mystery, or at least an attempt on her life.

It may be no co-incidence that AJ traveled under the name of Crane Tolliver (beyond the mere fact that he was Lila Q's first husband).

Also mentioned previously...the issue of memory experiments/manipulation... this may still connect with a storyline from OLTL, and there may be yet another OLTL connection involving a rogue CIA group.  Expect Anna to have some experience/ knowledge here with the latter ...and for John McBain, Victor/Todd and perhaps still others having a connection with the former...

It is no co-incidence that Sabrina is in Port Charles and becoming involved with Robin's family.
(Perhaps connected with what was mentioned here in a previous post, Anna's past on AMC...or is there another reason for an Anna/AMC connection being revisited?.)

GH may be working on the return of Cesar Faison (Anders Hove).

There is a good reason why Laura Spencer has not been back to Port Charles...yet.