Rumorville:  UPDATE-  
 Luckily, GH is dark right now so hopefully the thing will blow over. It seems Bryan Craig's parents don't understand how harsh twitter can be, and they butted in where they should not have, and things got out of hand from there. The original poster did make a nasty comment about Bryan Craig but he did not direct it to Craig's twitter timeline personally or in a reply. That is just the nature of twitter...people say all kinds of things.  It began with the original poster tweeting that BC is sh--t. He is entitled to his opinion. BC's parents were searching BC's name via twitter (bad idea), saw that tweet and started tweeting the original poster. They should have left it alone. The original tweeter then started saying nasty things about BC's mother, BC's dad got involved, back and forth, until BC made the tweet (linked to below). Then the original poster posted something like he hoped BC's post would get him fired.  It was ugly, but its twitter. It is, what it is. Lots of mistakes on both sides.

Bryan Craig (who plays Morgan) late Friday evening apparently had quite enough with a particular person who tweeted...something. Anyway, Craig's tweet in reply was...well, read it yourself. Warning, it is a bit strong for some so it has been placed on a separate page. You can see it yourself HERE.

Will there be fall out? Hopefully not. Tweeters, actors and their families are real human beings just like the rest of us.  Stay tuned.