Rumorville:  Heather Webber's return may tie into Jason's condition.

Ewen's connection to Helena will be revealed.

All hope for learning the identity of Sam's father is not lost.

Look for the issues between Helena and Alexis to come to a head.

Don't be surprised if the story being planned leads to the eventual demise of Helena Cassadine.

Lulu's inner Laura, and Spencer roots will make an a positive way.

An oldtime villain, maybe more than one, may rear their head.
Word is that Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) is currently in negotiations with GH.

Hearing that Ethan's involvement in storylines is still going on for at least the next few months, whether this means that Nathan Parsons is sticking around or not remains to be seen.

Gossip has it to expect more GH Vets to make returns, some who recently left, some who have not been seen for quite some time.  Some other names being bandied about include, Lucky, Alan, Bobbie, Audrey, Emily, and Jeff Webber. (Regarding Jeff Webber, he may or may NOT be played by Richard Dean Anderson...heard he was asked some time ago if he would consider a return and at that time he turned GH name being tossed about as a possible substitute is that of Jerry ver Dorn, who most recently played Clint Buchanan on OLTL.) 
As always in Rumorville...believe it..
.or not!