Rumorville:  Scott finds himself in hot water after an altercation with Christina and Felicia.
As previously rumored, Franco and Bobbie are supportive of Scott when the kakapoo hits the fan.

Sabrina and Patrick watch a special performance of the Nurses Ball from the hospital. (Supposedly, a song will be sung for their newborn son).

Will Patrick tell Sam the truth about why Robin left Port Charles?

Nathan meets his father, Victor Cassadine.

Both Ric and Liz, and Nik and Britt bond during the Nurses Ball, but Luke's plotting against Ric threatens to blow Ric's hopes to the four winds.

Looks like there is another casting call, very short term, for a male in his late 20's, early 30's who is needed to confront his father. (Sly Eckert?)

Will NOTLuke make his exit late this summer in a body bag? (He may not be the only one to meet his maker.  Another whodunnit could follow someone else's death...a Jerome)

Some rumors afoot that Genie Francis may return later this summer or fall.