Rumorville:  After everyone leaves the engagement party, Ric accompanies Liz home and makes his move.  Liz lets him know that she is not ready yet, and he leaves.

Back at Wyndemere, does Dr. Obrecht take Ben?

Dr. Obrecht makes a beeline for Liz's house. She's out for blood. Meanwhile, after speaking with Britt, Nik decides to pay a visit to Liz.  Dr. Obrecht is there but he doesn't know that. Liz snaps at him and basically pushes him out the door. Nikolas leaves, and as spoiled, he senses something is wrong and returns abruptly.  It looks like Dr.Obrecht threatens to harm Liz's kids and/or Nik. It appears that Liz ends up shot in the arm by Dr. Obrecht's gun; this possibly happens during a struggle over the gun.

After Brad confesses his part in the stealing of Lulu and Dante's embryos, Lucas wants nothing to do with him.

During Carly's visit to AJ, he briefly regains consciousness...long enough to tell her it was Sonny who shot him.

At some point later on, Ric witnesses the closeness between Nik and Liz and vows to take action to keep them apart.

Shawn's suspicions of Jordan's true motivations could prove true. It appears she has been brought to Port Charles to distract him. Ric may have had a hand in that.

Anna's position as police commish is threatened over a scandal. Once again, Ric may be involved..

Christina makes an outrageous accusation towards Scott.

Down the road (towards the summer), it looks like Deception will indeed be relaunched, and the teen set may play a big part of this story.