Rumorville:  There may be a series of ambushes/shoot outs surrounding the Nurses Ball.  One in the parking garage (several people will be there at the time, including Julian, Carlos, Lucas, Brad, Dante, Lulu, Olivia and Jordan), one at an elevator and another in front of Metro Court.

Supposedly Dante will be the most seriously injured from the garage shooting. Olivia will be injured, although there is nothing to indicate that Olivia will lose her baby as a result of the shooting. Others who are injured include Brad and Jordan.

It appears that Jake will take out the gunman targeting Sonny and Carly in near the entrance of the hotel.

As previewed earlier, Spencer will make his "grand re-entrance" into Port Charles society at the Nurses Ball. Emma will be his main motivation for attending.

All kinds of other excitement will be going on. Interestingly, it looks like the fellow who posed with Hayden for Ric in their fake wedding photos, etc, will be working the Nurses Ball, courtesy of Olivia, who unknowingly hires him. He is spotted by Carly. Carly and Hayden get into a huge fight and it looks like Ric and Hayden's scheme will come out in a very public way. 

The Nurses Ball could also turn out to be the setting for Duke's exit. Rumor is that Anna shoots and kills him.

Nikolas' knowledge of Jake's identity will not be revealed at this time. In fact, Hayden finds a way to weasel herself into Nikolas' life and ends up moving into Wyndemere.