Rumorville:  Will Patrick and Silas both vie to step in as Chief of Staff?

Silas met Ava when he was doing work for the Jerome family (as in treating gunshot wounds and not reporting them) in return for his medical school loans being paid off.  It is possible he was married at the time, but his wife died soon after threatening to turn him in to the police.

The truth about Maxie and Spin's baby comes out (most likely before the end of October) when someone tells the truth just before dying.

Did Robin learn a big secret involving her mother, Anna, while she was in captivity?

Does Robin remember she has a husband and daughter, or did Dr Obrecht's experiments erase that memory from her (at least temporarily)?

The Jerome mob will manipulate Morgan for their own ends (most likely using gambling debt against him as leverage) as they strive to take over ELQ.