Rumorville:  Jason may head straight to the source in search answers as to how and why his life was stolen from him. That could mean a trip to Cassadine Island. Will he (and others) encounter Robin there?  Robin once saved Jason's life, will this be his turn to save hers?

Jason may regain his memories in time for Christmas (Robin may play a part in that). But, then what?

Morgan's bi-polar storyline will continue.

It is looking very likely that Ava and Paul's relationship will become romantic.

The "Cartel" revisit deepens.

Do not expect Liz's part in hiding the secret of Jason's identity to come out in the immediate future.

Valerie may have been willing to put her feelings for Dante aside but now that Lulu has pushed him away and Val will be working more closely with Dante, things could get complicated again...especially on her end.