Rumorville:  When Spencer brings Nik a picture of Courtney, Nik will start considering his past romantic relationships. This is when "Emily" shows up in spirit.

The reveal of Ben as Dante's son will having damaging effects on Lulu and Dante's marriage and Lulu's state of mind. Lulu feels like a failure to her husband. Nathan will be there for Lulu while Dante is distracted with his son.

Liz talks to Felix, she is suspicious that Britt is still holding back. Felix is determined to prove Liz wrong (about Brad and Britt) and decides to investigate.  Meanwhile, Brad encounters a distraught Lulu and starts to rethink his role in all that occured. Brad will come clean to Felix about Britt stealing Lulu and Dante's embryo, after being "bullied" by her mother.  Felix is left wondering if he should share this info with Liz. He is concerned about the damage it cause.  Felix finds a a new shoulder to lean on...Lucas, much to Brad's chagrin.

Patrick informs Monica, after Robin has left Port Charles, that Jason may be alive.

TJ becomes Julian's next target as he orders him taken out. Julian's henchmen come close to killing both Molly and TJ (this may occur during the night they intend to spend in the hotel for their "first time"). Will there be a surprise rescue from Ric? Either way, in the aftermath, Ric is furious and this leads to his forbidding Molly to see TJ again. He also has plenty to say to both Alexis and Shawn.

Dante thinks Ric is back to cause trouble, and warns Sonny.

Sonny's offer to Luke means Luke is likely to get involved in the ongoing war. Tracy is not pleased, to say the least.

Ava swears Morgan to secrecy after a stunning reveal.

Sonny learns from the flashdrive that Julian not only has connections to Faison, but that it was Faison's men that pulled Jason from the water.

Dr. Obrecht overhears Carlos.

Patrick, Carlos and Sabrina have a confrontation.

Dr. Obrecht has more plans and pressures Britt to go along with them.  Sabrina will become the target of Obrecht's latest scheme.  Juan encourages Sabrina to return to Puerto Rico to get away from the stress, which includes the pressure from Patrick and Carlos, etc.. (Likely this will be Teresa Castillo's exit story for her maternity leave)