Rumorville:  Does Nina threaten to have Rosalie deported? Why is Rosalie so determined to remain in Port Charles?  At first Rosalie has no choice but to do Nina's bidding (but, down the road, will Michael eventually offer to marry her?)

As expected, Danny has a health scare.

Jason has an unusually extreme reaction to Sam but has no idea why. It is possible that for a fleeting moment, Sam thinks she recognizes his voice.  (This may be witnessed by Patrick and Liz).

Someone plays an unexpected role during Carly and Franco's wedding (possibly Jason?).

Do Franco and Nina make love in the aftermath the truth coming out about Sonny/AJ at the wedding?

One couple's wedding will actually make it through to completion before year's end.

Another surprising alliance is revealed (possibly involving Ava...and Madeline?)

Crazy rumor....Supposedly, Helena has Robin bring Lulu and Stavros' embyro to Port Charles. (Is she hoping that Robin can convince Lulu to carry it at some point?).

Sam learns that Jason is alive but does not know that Jake is Jason.

Expect another return from the dead.

Heather commits a crime and Nina is blamed.

We may see the appearance/return of one or more Cassadines before years end.

Rumors are swirling that Michael Easton (Silas) may be on the way out, and that we may get a new Lucky early next year.

As with everything in Rumorville...believe it...or not.