Rumorville:  Duke breaks free and flees deeper into the catacombs.

It looks like Robin reunites with Robert, Anna, and Duke before she goes to the church where the wedding is taking place.

Ava's secret? It could be that she diddled with the videotape that is shown at AJ's trial for the murder of Connie.

Expect about three deaths this winter, most, but not necessarily all, are a likely result of the mob war.

Apparently a new brunette teen has been cast.

The casting call for Lucas has been pulled, either he has been cast or they dropped the idea of bringing him back.  Our bet is on the former.

GH is currently casting the role of a twenty-something blonde or redhead, "Shelby".

There is still a casting call out for a "Dustin" but this could be the casting call for Dillon Quartermaine.

Due to some contract issues (Tony G/Genie F) a Cassadine arc may have been pushed back. This could delay Stephen Nichols' return.