Rumorville:  Jerry may hold Robert and Anna hostage to gain Robin's (and possibly Nikolas'?) co-operation. She must remain out of sight of her loved ones while she seeks the cure. 

In a déjà vu scenario (remember when Robin called Emma, and no one believed Emma?), Emma may be the first one to see Robin (this could happen around Halloween).  Once again, no one will believe her and it will be several weeks before Emma is proven right. However her stubborn belief may ring true with Duke.

Patrick proposes to Sabrina, but Robin continues to loom large even in her absence in the minds of both Patrick and Sabrina.  Carlos continues to pursue Sabrina, he truly believes that Patrick will eventually hurt her. By the time Robin returns to Patrick, Sabrina will have already made up her mind that her relationship with Patrick was not meant to be. 

Holly and Laura team up after an encounter with Anna Donely.

Sonny and Dante have a plan and work together. (This may involve the search for the baby.)

Robin will be re-united with several people from Port Charles before she actually returns home to Patrick.

It looks like Stefan may have been Dr. Obrecht's prisoner all these years.  He will eventually return to Port Charles to live with Nikolas.

Robin and Patrick will not leave town when they are re-united but expect to see much more of Patrick than Robin as Kimberly McCullough was only willing to commit to occasional appearances after her character's journey home is completed.