Rumorville:  Anna's testimony when Patrick sues Britt for full custody of the baby will result in an easy win for Patrick, which could cause Britt to loosen her lips about the truth.

Sonny and Nikolas may also become suspects in Connie's murder. The PCPD ponder a possible motive: to frame AJ  in order to be of him. AJ and Sonny strike a temporary truce in order to keep Michael out of the court case; they both agree it is in Michael's best interests.

Nikolas admits to Anna and Dante that AJ told Liz that he wanted to shoot Connie. This leads to AJ and Liz rushing to the altar to marry in order to ensure that Liz doesn't have to testify against him.

Julian is unaware he has yet another child, Lucas Spencer, but he will become acquainted with his son in the near-future. 

Lulu considers placing a restraining order against Maxie as she begins to fear that Maxie is getting a little too close to the baby. 

Morgan begins to show signs of becoming abusive towards Kiki.

Tracy finds herself in legal trouble once again, and she may be forced to ally herself with AJ to keep ELQ secure. 
Julian and Ava will make moves to gain control of ELQ.  Where will Franco place his shares, and his allegiance?. 

Anna Donely comes to Port Charles, moving in with Anna and Duke.

Look for more clashes between Lucy and Laura over the direction of Deception.

Silas's dark past could result in both Sam and Ava being in danger this fall.

Jerry Jacks returns shortly, and becomes involved in the storyline along with Dr. Obrecht. 

Robin and Robert are both back on screen in September. What has Jerry done to Robin?