Rumorville:  After confiding in Liz and Anna, Patrick removes his wedding ring.

Luke sees Helena's "ghost".

Will Brad tell everyone exactly who Baby Connie's parents really are?

Lulu and Dante may want to keep Connie even after learning that the baby is not their bio-child.

Jerry has Robin watch a video of Patrick at the Nurse's Ball...including Britt's announcement of her pregnancy on stage.

Emma notes that Patrick has removed his wedding ring.

Robert tells Anna their daughter is still alive.

Ava will try to "help" Morgan move on with his life.

Carlos will not give up on Sabrina so easily.

AJ faces a trial and a life-changing decision.

Dr. Obrecht broke a promise to Helena after helping her with a medical experiment.

Lucy thinks the new girl she meets looks familiar.

Carly becomes friendlier with Derek.

Down the road...Will Luke sacrifice himself to save his grandchild?