Rumorville:  Mac and Felicia wed, surrounded by family and friends. Of course, it wouldn't be a true Mac and Felicia wedding without some humor and other foibles.

We will soon learn what is bothering Lulu. 

Lulu is less than thrilled with Dante and Serena's friendship (Serena is a big flirt). Lulu wonders if there is more going on. That, and the fallout from Olivia's shooting, could cause the couple some problems.

Anna and Duke are involved with the story of Anna's new ward and with the Jeromes. Someone has been keeping tabs on both of them over the years.

Michael and Kiki are shocked and dismayed to learn they are cousins (especially after they kiss?). Michael gets involved with a new girl.

One of the new teens in town is in a whole lot of trouble that follows her to Port Charles. 

Kiki might have to fight off an older and more experienced girl for Morgan's affections as she makes herself at home with the Quartermaines. Kiki also gains a ally.

Laura and Lucy start off well in their business venture but begin to have differences of opinion. (Some of this may revolve around the desires of Lucy's children regarding getting involved in the new models?)
Lucy is jealous that Christina will talk to other women but not her.

Lucy wants Christina to be friends with Molly and Rafe, but Christina and Molly don't get along. Christina blames Rafe and his father for Lucy's mental breakdown. 
Christina is an angel to some but a complete terror and bitch to others.

Sam's biodad is a member of a family we already know. Sam's dad knows he's her father and knows everything that Sam and Alexis have been up to.

Luke leaves town to go "find himself" instead of dealing with his illness and being a burden for Tracy

Felix starts to cave under Taylor's ever growing demands. 

Britt continues to one-up Sabrina and Felix at every turn, while Patrick stays in the dark.

Someone thinks Ellie and Spinelli are getting too close to the truth. 

Maxie continues with her plan to give the baby to Lulu and Dante and keep the real paternity a secret.

Secrets come into play regarding who exactly is a Quartermaine and who is not when they start looking for a donor for Danny. 

Franco, Ava, and Heather might be running the biggest scams of them all.
Heather is a supreme puppeteer. Is there anyone she hasn't lied to? Probably not.

Nik and AJ still want Elizabeth and try different ways to win her over. 

Carly keeps finding ways to involve herself with AJ.

Carly, Shawn and Sonny try to cover up the fallout from the shooting and keep the truth from Dante, Anna, Olivia, and Michael.

Silas starts to win Sam's trust. She begins to believe that he has both Rafe and Danny's best interests at heart. 
Silas is determined that everyone knows that he is nothing like his murderous brother.

Connie has difficulty dealing with Olivia and Sonny's close relationship.

Dante and Sonny's relationship becomes strained after the shooting.

Is there more than meets the eye to Silas' past?

Will "Britt's" baby disappear  soon after its birth?  Is there a Cassadine connection?  Dr.Orbrect has manipulated her daughter in more ways than one.