Rumorville:  Looks like Spinelli and Ellie reconnect during the Nurses Ball, and he may leave Port Charles for a time (with Ellie). Chances are good he will reappear again later down the road.

Maxie and Nathan's romance may be rekindled in a manner similar to how it began, handcuffs and all.

As detailed at length in our previous Rumorville item of April 6th (see
Shoot out during the Nurses Ball? ), there is a lot action coming up surrounding the Nurses Ball.  If Jake gets shot saving Sonny's life, will Sonny view him in a new light?

Rumors are swirling that Dante and Valerie may have a moment of shared comfort (of the sexual kind), which Dante will quickly regret.  There is more to Val than meets the eye, she may have a bit a crazy in her.

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Love Leads to Unexpected Choices and Situations.

One more item of interest, among other things, the live GH scenes in May will involve a wedding.