Rumorville:  There is more to Dr. Obrecht's mention, to Brad on the parapet, of Katherine Bell than meets the eye.  It is a bit of foreshadowing related to the introduction of Kailey Cassadine, the daughter of Katherine Bell and Stefan Cassadine.

When Kailey was born, Helena wanted Dr. Obrecht to kill her. Believe it or not, Dr. Obrecht took pity on Katherine who was crying for her baby, and instead of killing the baby, she brought her to an orphanage.  She allowed Katherine to write a letter to Kailey and left both the letter and Kailey's birth certificate for the baby to have when she got older.

All these years Dr. Obrecht kept Kailey a secret, but more recently she tells Victor Cassadine about her existence. Victor will have his WSB henchmen try to snatch Kailey but she will escape their clutches.  Dr. Obrecht warns Kailey to leave Port Charles for her own safety, however Kailey is having none of it. In fact, she tells Dr. Obrecht she knows what they are up to, including that they did something to Luke. Dr. Obrecht tries to deter her interest by telling her that Luke killed her father.

Kailey demands to know if Stefan ever knew about her and wants to know why she was told all her life she had no family when in fact she has multiple family members. Dr. Obrecht tells her this was all a scheme on the part of Helena and Cesar Faison.

It looks like Katherine's will is involved.  Money that should have been Kailey's went to someone else...a cousin

Believe it...or not!