Rumorville:  Michael will become very protective of  Starr (Trey, Johnny, et al); Todd will be protective of Carly.

Olivia's demise MAY seem be coming soon,  but believe it or not, Heather doesn't bump her off.

There are some hints that we may see Vikki Lord (Erika Slezak) on the canvas, at least for a period of time, in September.  We are likely to see "Llanview" as well beginning the same month.

Expect Spinelli to eventually figure out where that DVD really came from of "baby boy Morgan".  Spin is determined to learn why Heather is so obsessed with Sam.  There is more to be revealed regarding Franco.

Heather will likely exit the canvas during November sweeps.

Liz will go out of her way to prove to her brother that she is not longer romantically interested in Jason, which should be pleasing to Ewen.

Trey is recording more on camera at the Lakehouse than is known by most of the players involved.