Jason wakes from his coma wanting to be closer to the Quartermaines.

Jason tells Elizabeth he hopes she finds happiness (with Lucky?) the way he found happiness again with Sam.

Lulu moves out of the apartment she shares with Maxie...and Spinelli moves in.

Spinelli of old returns before Jason and Sam's wedding.

Sonny reconnects with old friends in Bensonhurst.

Sonny warns Jason not to make the same mistakes with Sam that Sonny made with Brenda.

Carly feels betrayed when Jason tells her that Sam will be first in his life.

Sonny advises Carly to accept the fact that Sam is first in Jason's life now

Liz is there for Lucky when he must once again deal with his addiction.

Franco sends Jason and Sam a wedding gift.

Michael tries to talk sense into Carly regarding attending Jason and Sam's wedding.