Rumorville:  Luke will be a feature player in the big events to come this November. (There may be some location shots.)

As mentioned previously, Stavros is not dead. He will be back this fall. (And maybe Stefan as well?)

Will we ever hear anything about Helena's will?

Reminder: Felix' and Taylor's Dad should show up on the canvas before too long. Expect a confrontation.

The Jerome family runs the online gambling biz that has ensnared Morgan.

Will Lucy and Laura fold Crimson into their Deception business once Connie is off the canvas?

Kimberly McCullough tweeted: "On July 8th, I have an important announcement to make. Stay tuned..."
No word on whether that announcement is related to GH or not.

Tonja Walker (ex-Olivia Jerome) apparently has an announcement to make. She tweeted: "I need to wait for the Shaw's publicity people to do so first! But I am happy!"  Again, no word on whether her news is GH related.