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GH: Plots Thicken, Reveals Wait

Posted by on Saturday, March 7, 2015
Rumorville:  After Luke's escape from Shady Brook, expect him to be off-screen for a brief time as his family searches.  

Contrary to previous speculation and rumors, Tony Geary is not retiring this spring.

Jake tells Liz the charges against him were dropped due to the mind control. He and Liz continue to grow closer. She has no idea he takes a job with Julian in order to go undercover. He tells her he is only working for the legit side of the business.

Jake grows closer to both Liz and Sam, but only his relationship with Liz is romantic at this time.

Sam decides to investigate Jason's background on her own, without telling Jason.

Jason confides in both Liz, and perhaps later Sam, that he does not feel a connection to his reappeared "wife", so Sam investigates further.

The character of Rebecca Budig is working for Ric.

It looks like Rebecca Budig will only be around through May, though it could be extended or she could make a return.

Sonny may turn the tables and use Jake to his own ends to defeat Julian.

An African American, or bi-racial 20 something female hits town (See our previous Casting Call on ou
r News page.) 
She may have relations in PC.

Donna Mills (Madeline) may reappear in May. Her appearance may reveal the "last" secret between Madeline and Dr. Obrecht.

Still not expecting Jason to be revealed as Jake anytime soon. (Think after the summer), although there may be a close call in May after a troubling event.

Victor is on his way back, no firm date as to when, but he will likely play into Nathan's paternity among other things and people.

Helena may not be the only person able to control Jake (Victor?), and he may not require a microchip to do it.

Michael will lose ELQ to Nikolas.

Spencer makes his re-entry to Port Charles at the Nurses Ball.

Nikolas may be subject to blackmail (but not from the Quartermaines).

If and when Robin returns, it will happen after the summer is over.

Will Alexis and Julian soon make plans to co-habitate?

Like everything in Rumorville...believe it...or not!

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