Rumorville:  It seems that SID is hearing some of the same rumors that have been circulating on the net, that Michael Easton (Detective John McBain, OLTL; Caleb, Port Charles) and Ted King (Tomas, OLTL, both Alcazar brothers, GH) may be headed to GH in January.  Tentative dates heard on the net have Easton beginning to tape on January 12, and King on the 25th.  At this point, gossip has it that neither role is long term (at least yet),with Easton said to be coming for a six month stint. 

SID said that most likely Easton will appear in his detective character from OLTL.  No word if King would pick up his Alcazar connections or come on as Tomas but the latter is most likely.  Stay tuned to see if there is any truth to these rumors or to see if any other OLTL characters may show up on GH (hint, hint).  Hopefully, this would bring OLTL viewers to GH.  New eyes and more ratings could only bode well for GH's potential staying power.