Rumorville:  Julian's jealousy is aroused by Alexis and Ned, and after an argument he pours his heart out to Alexis.

If Nina can't have Silas' baby, she may go after the next best thing...Ava's.

When Stavros returns will he begin where he left off, wanting Lulu to have his baby?

Will Dr. Obrecht tell Anna that Robin is working at the clinic (and that Victor is involved and why)? Will the subject of the WSB come up?

Will Carlos become a casualty of Sabrina's investigation? Someone definitely will.

Remember the compass necklace Jason once gave Sam?  It may reappear, albeit a bit "buggy".

Jason may first appear in Port Charles on his birthday, Thursday, September 14th. (If true, will he still be bandaged, or sporting his new face?).