Michael Logan
of TV Guide tweeted:
Billy Miller. General Hospital. Done deal? This is what I'm hearing.

Could Miller possibly be our NUJason? Steve Burton (ex-Jason) at one time told SID, "

“When all that talk was going on [about plans for a recast], I said to myself ‘Billy would be perfect.’ It’s a character I played for a long time, and I have a huge emotional connection to him and the people there. It’d be weird to see, but they have to do what they have to do. I understand that.”

Of course, there is the possibility he is slated for another role (such as Dillon Quartermaine, a role that has been rumored on and off to be in the que for recasting). On the other hand, Miller has certainly buffed enough to play NUJason.

Emmy Winner Miller (he won twice, and has been nominated again this year)  left the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless in January.