Nancy Lee Grahn is full of optimism regarding the head writer switch. Here is a composite of her tweets, with minor editing for clarity:

"As soon as the new stuff kicks in it's going to be much better, hopefully there will be something for everyone. I think it'll be great. You've no idea how much faith I have in this new shift at GH. Come aboard. We've aborted North Atlantic, gotten off the Titanic, and aboard the Love Boat."

"I knew about Ingo [Rademacher]. He's my friend and I love him. [His firing] was the old writer's decision. In time things can change. I'm so excited for NEW GH. Tyler [Christopher] is leaving on a plane.. He can soooo come back....have faith my GH friends. Those decisions [the firings] were under the old writer. Anything that happens after Monday is the new writing team."

When asked if Garin [Wolf] was a darker, more violent writer than Guza (Karen Harris claims Garin was darker):
"Are you kidding me?"

"Leslie [Charleson- Monica Quartermaine] was called about days/her availability. The GH audience has been heard. Give us a chance. For those that left, come back. You have been heard.  It's a new day! Word.  Brian [Frons] is doing everything he can right now to make the GH fans happy. Let's give him credit for that."

In response to this question, When you say Frons is listening, who is he listening too. We have been writing in for years and no change. Why?:
"Things are different now.  Its an understanding that this is big business and we need to do what we can with what we got.  [This is a] legitimate attempt to improve".

"Its going to be all about women. This team loves them. That's not to say we'll all be saints, but it'll be about us. The pace will be picking up. The actors have worked with him [Garin] before and they are all happy."

Regarding Katie Couric: "I know nothing. we hope she takes the syndicated Oprah spot."

Regarding Garin and the WGA issues: "I'm a union girl too [anyone who follows Nancy on twitter can attest to that]...but no two stories are alike. And this is not the same as Wisconson believe me.  To clarify, Garin Wolf was one of the writers that did outlines for the show before the strike [because Guza refused to write ahead with the strike pending].  He did not write during the strike. He worked on outlines in preparation of the strike.  Non union members wrote the scripts [based on Garin's outlines] and they were terrific! You'll love him."