Rumorville:  Michael Easton (John McBain) posted the following to his Facebook page:

I heard a rumor of some lovely people who were going to stop by the studio for a certain riff raff's birthday. Some others who wanted to deliver a cake. Even more wonderful folks who wanted to send cards and treats and I want you to know I am incredibly humbled by these gestures but unfortunately I will not be around to enjoy them. I've been informed, that due to some ongoing legal this and that, I cannot be at "General Hospital" after February 8th and since I know many of you go to great trouble to do something special, I just don't want to see anybody's efforts go to waste (especially the lovely person who always sneaks in the fine Irish Whiskey). If it's not too bold, may I suggest a donation to The American Cancer Society instead. Then some good will have come out of this...

...Miss you guys already.

As we already know, Prospect Park's reboot of OLTL and their "ownership" of the characters of John McBain, Todd and Starr Manning has complicated the future of these characters on GH. We had previously mentioned that all three would have to exit GH at some point in February. Whether their departure (or specifically, Michael Easton's) is permanent or temporary is still unknown at this time. Stay tuned.