Rumorville:  Jon Lindstrom's (ex-Kevin Collins / Ryan Chamberlain, GH) real-life girlfriend, Cady McClain (Dixie, AMC), made an interesting tweet, "A little bird just told me GH is bringing back some fan favorites. Who will return, I wonder?"

Was Cady referring to her former AMC co-star, Robin Mattson's upcoming return to GH (see our News page), or could she have been hinting that Doc Kevin was making a return?  And what of his significant TV other, Lynn Herring (Lucy)?

Here is a bit of completely unconfirmed gossip from the land of Rumorville, word is that although the audition script (mentioned in our previous item entitled, "Recast?") sounds exactly like the role of Michael Corinthos, GH isn't recasting Michael, but instead is casting a "new Spinelli-like young character who is a mini Jason Morgan".  Make of that what you will.