Rumorville:  Will Robin and Patrick find themselves drawn into opposite sides of the mob war?

Spencer encounters a girl lurking about at Wyndemere (this will be Stefan Cassadine's daughter). Being a young child, no one takes him seriously when he brings it up.

An new man from Silas' past (possibly a relative?) will be joining GH.

Luke delivers the cure to Sean Donely.

Lucy and Kevin work things out between them, but there could be more trouble ahead.

After AJ's trial ends in a hung jury, there may be a retrial...ending with a not guilty verdict due to reasonable doubt when Diane casts suspicion on another (Ava).

Ava will have reason to fear Sonny's wrath.

Ava may want revenge on AJ.

The Jeromes have an interest in ELQ.

There still could be another Quartermaine heir out there, and this will be an issue as ELQ remains troubled.

Lucy may try to use her leverage at ELQ to her advantage...again.

Jerry Jacks will be back down the road a bit.