Rumorville:  Carly makes a big change in her life; Sonny does his best to cover for Carly and vows to keep her secret.

Michael is furious, including with Carly. 

The truth comes out about Sonny killing AJ. (It seems that Michael may learn the truth courtesy of... Julian?).

Michael may decide to change his name from Corinthos to...Quartermaine (this was previously rumored).

Sam and Patrick make a decision (Jason related?)

What does Heather have for Carly?

Milo's affections may be too much for Epiphany to handle.

Sabrina may be involved in an accident.

Robin encounters the last person she expected to see.

Silas sees something he wished he hadn't.

Nina makes a discovery related to her deepest desires.

Nina shares some information with Franco.

Sonny faces a trial.

Carly starts to break from all the pressure.