Rumorville:  Ric is Liz's date to the Nurses' Ball.

Felicia steps in to help Lucy with her numerous costume changes during the Ball.

Lucy may succeed in her attempts to get Scott and Bobbie to date.

Morgan leans on Serena after Sonny and Ava get together.

"Luke" injects Sonny with the same medication that Madeline used on Nina, which causes Sonny to become comatose.

With the resources of Sonny's mob under her control, Ava wages a war on Julian's organization.

(Recast) Jason returns to Port Charles, a changed man in many ways. Supposedly, he now has memories of both Jason Morgan and his past as Jason Quartermaine (but they are all mixed up).  Look for rage and out of control emotions similar to what we saw after his initial brain injury years ago - making for a colder and lethal combination - to be on full display.  He will be lashing out at everyone. Although both Michael and Monica hope to help him regain control, Monica wants to ensure that Jason Quartermaine returns for good--especially now that Sonny is out of the picture.

This "Luke" is not receptive to Helena's schemes.

When a recast Dillon returns to town, he is stunned to find his father, Paul Hornsby in Port Charles.