Rumorville:  Maxie confesses to murdering Lisa!  She shows up at GH, hysterical, insisting that Mac needs to arrest her because she's a murderer. She claims that she killed Lisa to help Robin.

John McBain blames Sonny for Cole's death.

Sam and John run into each other at the Queen of Angels Church at night.

Jason and Liz encounter each other on the foot bridge.

Robert takes Robin's death extremely hard. He may even consider suicide. He then begins to experience "visions" of Robin which lead him to believe that she is trying to tell him something, possibly that she is alive!  He eventually confides in Luke, who thinks Robert is just in deep denial. However, he supports Robert's need to investigate it.  Robert does not tell anyone else, including Anna.  It looks like he leaves Port Charles before the funeral. If Robin is trying to tell him of her whereabouts, he is going to make it his mission to find her.  Believe it....or not!