Rumorville:  Spinelli and Ellie patch things up between them as a result of her accident.  When Maxie learns of this, and also learns she is pregnant again, she may believe that everyone would be better off if she kept the truth of this baby's paternity to herself.  Will Britt keep what she knows quiet?

The venue of the Nurse's Ball has to be changed at the last moment, and it commences in an unlikely place instead.

Sabrina blossoms into "Cinderella" just in time for the Nurse's Ball and Patrick takes note. The two discuss moving their relationship beyond a friendship.

A romance between Sabrina and Patrick is not to be, however as Robin makes her entrance at a pivotal moment during a performance at the Ball.

Looks like Patrick and Sabrina may do a song and dance number at the Ball.

The good news for Sabrina is that her beauty catches the attention of yet another man the night of the Ball; this may mark the beginning of a true romance.