Rumorville: The following is from Showbiz 411:

"General Hospital fans: head writer Ron Carlivati tells me he wants James Franco to return to the show one more time. Try and follow this, because I had to. Franco made several appearances over the last three years as a crazy artist named Franco. He raped, pillaged, and terrorized the already put upon populace of Port Charles.

Then last year Carlivati brought the Franco character back played by someone else, Roger Howarth. He was absolved of his many crimes after it was discovered he had a brain tumor. (This is always a good out for soap characters. If only it worked in real life!)

At this past weekend’s Writers Guild Awards, Carlivati– who helped save “General Hospital” from cancellation– told me he wants the real Franco to make one more return. I think the idea is that the multi-tasking actor would play himself, and I guess confront the fictitious Franco. Anyway, the soap is now the hip show that Franco wanted it to be when he was on it. He’d do well to get closure. And also, now “GH” has great ratings."

Also from the land of rumors... it seems that perhaps Robin and Patrick's marriage may no longer be legal. It could have something to do with her being declared dead at the time of the lab explosion.

Ric returns because an act of violence affects Molly.

Apparently an African American actress by the name of Vinessa Antoine is currently taping scenes with Shawn, TJ and Sonny.

Michael finally gets serious about reopening Sonny's restaurant.

We may have to wait until as long as May, during the Nurse's Ball, for Britt to be fully exposed and the truth that Lulu is Ben's mother to be revealed.

Like everything in Rumorville, believe it...or not!