Rumorville:  Carlos reveals the truth about his identity to Sabrina.

Robert leaves Port Charles to avoid answering questions.

Maxie gives Mac and Felicia new reason to worry about her.

GH will be getting at least two new doctors in town.

Sam and Silas finally consummate their relationship.

Ava places a few phone calls in an effort to break apart Silas and Sam.

Silas' estranged (probably younger) brother arrives in town. It appears that he and Dante may have some history, but the bigger history is between Silas and his brother...and why the brothers resent each other. A (likely deceased) woman from the past (and adultery) is involved. Their ongoing animosity could cause some big problems down the road.

A new doctor may give Lulu new reasons to hope that she might be able to carry a child.

While Robin receives a commendation for her research, Patrick worries about being an accessory to murder. (This is probably related to him treating Carlos for the gunshot wound, and perhaps what he learns.)

Michael and Kiki may have a big decision to make.

Scott's loneliness makes him vulnerable to Ava's charms. Meanwhile, one of Sonny's sons (possibly Morgan) may become captivated by a new girl in town.

Julian and Sonny continue to vie with one another, but there is another force coming who will have their own agenda.

Both Ava and Carly are curious about the new stranger in town.

Lucas expresses an interest in getting to know Sam. As for Julian? That is still up for debate.

Liz could become privy to information which places her in danger.

Lesley Webber begins receiving mysterious gifts.

Luke, Lulu and Nikolas worry when they don't hear from either Lucky or Laura.

Duke is walking a very fine line as he keeps secrets from Anna.