Rumorville:  Avery disappears and then reappears with a fresh bandage. (Courtesy of Silas?  Did he collect her bone marrow?  If so, he may administer it to Ava without her knowledge).

Ned's possible reasons for leaving Port Charles might be because his daughter Brooklyn is in need of his help, or vice-versa (ELQ biz?)...or for another reason involving Olivia.

Supposedly, Jake's memories return when Sam is endangered by mob action.  Apparently, he makes the decision to keep the truth from Sam (and PC at large) for her own safety.  Liz may also discover the truth about Jake being Jason, but keeps a lid on it at Jake's request.

Sam receives a marriage proposal from Patrick.  Chances are they will wed long before the rest of Port Charles learns that Jake is Jason.

Nathan and Valerie may have a past acquaintance, quite possibly a past love relationship. If so, look for it to be revealed around the time of the Nurses Ball. Grain of salt.