Rumorville:  It looks like Lucky and Liz's son, (actually, Jason's son with Liz) Jake, really is alive! Apparently, this is discovered during the search to rescue Lucky and Ethan. Before Tony Geary leaves, everyone will know that little Jake is alive. Lucky will return to Port Charles with Jake and give him to Liz before he leaves town again.  When Laura tells Scott that little Jake is alive, Scott will be ticked that Luke, once more, ended up with clean hands.

It seems that Frank Smith is still somehow alive, and Lucky will end up killing him.  

Word is that Laura will soon know that Jake is Jason (possibly from Nikolas). If so, she won't reveal to anyone else.

A young adult male is being cast. He could be Paul Hornsby's son (presumably with Jenny Eckert, from who he is now estranged). In the audition script, it looks like the young man/late teen is angry with his father for many reasons, one being that he never told him he had a brother (that would be Dillon).