Rumorville:  Kevin bring Alison Barrington (see previous Rumorville items of Jan. 10th, and Jan. 20) to town to explain to Lucy that the vampires she remembers aren't real, and they never were. Unfortunately, Alison is murdered before she gets a chance to speak with Lucy. Other things viewers of Port Charles may recall during this period of time on the show will be altered as well.

Kevin will explain that Lucy had a psychotic break from the guilt she felt when Caleb cheated on Livvie with Alison, who then became pregnant with his baby (Rafe), which caused Livvie to become catatonic in her despair. (Remember, Livvie-played by Kelly Monaco on Port Charles, is Kevin's daughter.)

We may see Monaco play Livvie in NUflashbacks.

Alison's murder sets up a mystery.

Expect Caleb (played by Michael Easton as he did on Port Charles) to arrive in town.