It looks like Rebecca Herbt's real life hubby, Michael Saucedo, will be returning to reprise his role of Juan Santiago for a bit in November. He does not like the idea of Carlos, who is his uncle, getting involved with his cousin Sabrina. (Sabrina Santiago, like Juan if you recall, was also adopted; Juan was the son of Lily Rivera and Miguel Morez). Supposedly, Carlos is not a "blood" Rivera, he was adopted into the Rivera family by Lily's father.

Lily Corinthos returns from the dead? Word is she will show up early next year (played once again, by Lilly Melgar), timed to co-incide with Brenda's return (or not long after) but she is nothing like the Lily we remember. It could turn out that Lily has taken over where her late father left off in the mob world. She wants her revenge on Sonny as well as his territory and could have deep connections with the Jerome family. (And-speculation only- if she is alive...does that means it is possible the baby she was carrying at the time of the infamous "Clink-Boom" is alive as well? Could that child be Sabrina?)

There is much more to come with the Jerome story next year. What information did he have for Robert that was so valuable that Robert allowed him entrance into the witness protection program?

As mentioned previously, Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols) will be found alive on Cassadine Island around the end of November. 
Dr. Obrecht may lead Nikolas to believe that Emily is alive, but it is Stefan he finds.

When Kailey Cassadine, daughter of Stefan arrives in Port Charles she will be determined to learn more about Stefan and his secrets. Look for Alexis to be involved in this story.

Faison will meet his end, but like a cat with nine lives, Jerry will once again escape. Dr. Obrecht, however, will be caught and arrested. It is possible that it was Dr. Obrecht who stole Lulu and Dante's embryo from GH and implanted Britt with it. Dr. Obrecht may try to use that piece of information to get Britt to help her escape from the PCPD.

Sabrina and Patrick's wedding is scheduled for around Thanksgiving, but don't expect it to be completed.

Against all betting odds, it appears that neither Lulu nor Maxie win their case to keep baby Connie. Will Maxie and or Lulu take desperate measures, including snatching the child and disappearing? (The fall out of all this could fit in neatly with Kirsten Storms maternity leave, her baby is due in January.)