Rumorville:  Someone will take advantage of Connie's mental instability to cover up her murder.

It is possible that the WSB, and/or an off screen Frisco aid's Luke's search for a cure to what ails him and that Sean Donely becomes involved.

If you are a fan of Sean Kanan (AJ Quartermaine), now would be a good time to send him fan mail via the GH Prospect address  or call the ABC comment line (see our Where to Write page) and make it clear you enjoy the character of AJ and want to see his story expanded. His character, having  so many connections on the canvas, a rich history, and of course, being a Quartermaine, has endless possibilities! Let the GH writers know that he is a keeper! Just do it. There are rumors swirling that he may be let go.  You can call the GH Comment line and leave a recorded message: 1-323-671-4583.