Rumorville:  When Kate's rapist shows up in town, her alter, Connie reappears. 

It doesn't look like Ewen is going anywhere, at least not just yet.  Word is he has many sessions with Kate ahead...and may be involved in or have a connection to whatever happened to Robin as well. 

Turns out Joe Scully, Jr has a lot of connections in town, one of them them could involve a powerful upstanding citizen. (Word is that this is Edward Q.)

Look for some comedic moments as Maxie attempts to help out with Patrick and Emma.

Jason and Sam's marriage is "on hold" after Jason refuses to agree to a divorce.

Heather "kidnaps" Luke!

Heather is arrested for the murder of Anthony Z?

Spinelli and Sam are fascinated with learning whatever the connection between Heather and Todd might be.  Sam will spend more time with John McBain when he returns to town.

If you want GH to continue it is IMPERATIVE that you DO NOT watch GMA when it premieres in July and at any time during its run, AND that you watch General Hospital every single day when it makes its move to OLTL's old time slot in September.  Word is that this will be GH's make or break time.  (And the story lines will be rocking in September as well!)