Rumorville:  It seems that Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo may be hinting at another return to General Hospital. She originally tweeted that she would be coming to a TV near you.  Then...

VM:  Where my CW's* at? I'm looking at my script. He he.
*[Note:  CWs is Vanessa's nickname for Sonny & Brenda Fans]

Question: Do you get to be with a hot guy? ;)
VM:  YES. The hottest.

BTW, you are one big CW tease. :) xo
VM:  I do what I can. Literally. Don't forget, I have bosses. :)

Question about the role she is playing:  Is she a badass like Sam???
VM:  more badass than Sam!!! Snicker

Question:  Do you think that us CW's will love this role? How long until it airs? ;)

VM:  Everyone remember that there are bosses in the world. Don't blame us for being on gag order. Don't get it twisted. Xxxxxxx

VM:  I've known him and had a crush on him since I was 21!!!!!!*
*[Note: ts pretty well known that Vanessa has long claimed to have a crush on Maurice Benard.]

If it is GH that Vanessa is talking about, one could expect Brenda to appear at some point during November Sweeps.