Rumorville:  Victor brings Robin to a clinic in New York. Robin will be let into a room, and spotting the patient, exclaims...Jason! The patient will not be seen by viewers. (A portion of this clinic may be a secret WSB facility, and it is possible that Helena, Stavros and Faison are being kept there as well, but we may not learn that until much futher down the road.  Anna and Robert had no idea that when they eventually handed a seriously injured Faison over to the WSB, that Victor was in charge of it--apparently their plan to execute Faison went south).

This clinic also happens to be the same clinic where Sam and Silas are looking for Nina. Sam and Robin have a near-encounter there, but it is not to be.

An unknown person observes Silas and Sam after they try to decide what to do next upon learning that Nina is not there.

After learning about AJ, Anna questions Julianā€™s alibi.

Carlos visits Julian in jail after learning that AJ was shot.  Julian, suspicious of Ava, reminds Carlos of his loyalties and orders him to get to the bottom of it.
Julian also receives another visitor...Ric Lansing.

Dr. Obrecht does not believe Anna when she says that Faison must have been taken to another prison. She leaves with a threat (possibly against Robin).

With Rafe's assistance, Ric manipulates Molly which will lead to her breaking up with TJ.

Ric will also be intent on keeping Liz from Nikolas.

Nikolas will assume that Liz is moving on with Ric.

Julian, concerned about his long term viability, shows his compassionate side when he offers to bank his marrow for Danny.

Ric does something that blows up Alexis and Julian's budding relationship after the two make love.

Dr. Obrecht worries when she notes Lulu's deep connection with Ben. Britt tries to discourage her mother from making a move against Lulu.

Patrick is not pleased when Sabrina defends Carlos (re: AJ). Sabrina reminds Patrick he is married, and Patrick makes a reveal of his own.

Ric's father, Trevor, may have been siphoning money from the Zacchara's (and possibly the Solieto's?) for years and funding Julian's operation.  It was Trevor who bought out Barrett Enterprises and used it to launder money. Ric has allowed Julian to do what he wished with the money after Johnny imprisoned.

Ric believes Jason to be dead, but he may have had some involvement.  He is unaware of what Julian and Faison arranged for after Jason went into the water.

Victor may have his own connections to Julian. He also may be responsible for Holly and Ethan's current troubles which facilitated Robert's exit.

Ric may have business ties to both Jerry Jacks and Faison, and may have been involved in the transfer of Duke's custody years ago, to Faison.

Franco worries about Carly's feelings for Jax, when Sonny asks her for a favor (having to do with the financing of Julian's operation).  Julian and Ric are trying to frame Jax as the man behind the money.

Morgan is left in critical condition in April.

Johnny Zacchara returns and may partner up with Sonny against the Jeromes this spring.  Look for Tracy and the status of ELQ to be drawn in due to financial matters.