Rumorville:  Alexis is not happy with Sonny, and she lets him know it.

Dr. Obrecht is unnerved by Madeline, who knows all about the promise she broke to Helena years ago.

With Liz's patient having nowhere to go, she invites him into her home.

There is a good chance that Ava's newborn is snatched (if so, most likely by Nina, as it seems that Sabrina has turned a corner).

Will Scott end up breaking Bobbie's heart...again?

How will Tracy's ex-husband impact her devotion to "Luke"?

Lulu's doubts about her dad begin to grow.

If Julian has no choice but to make himself scarce, Sam (with Silas' help) may have to find another back up donor for Danny. (NUJason, of course, would be a match).

Where there is a will to help Maxie, there is a way, and Nathan is determined to find it.

As previously mentioned, Michael will cut all ties to his family (the Corinthos side) when he learns the truth.

A 40 something-year-old charmer (see previous casting item on our News page) will add a new element to at least one woman's life.