Rumorville:  When asked outright on twitter by a fan about the rumor of his coming to GH, Peter Reckell responded with: "I'm going to work on GH??? Huummm, interesting :-)"

Sonny is less than pleased with Carly's new plan to deal with Franco.

Liz and AJ work on their relationship.

Tracy grows fond of Ava.

Ava enlists back-up.

Franco's thinking he is Jason doesn't last long.

Britt and Nik's families know each other.

People have been spying on the residents of Port Charles.

Is someone undercover?

Kelly's is hit by gunfire.

Is someone out to hurt Alexis?

Someone wants ELQ.

Someone else wants Sabrina out of the picture.

Connie is going out with a bang.

Who is Luke with offscreen and where?  Luke may ask this man to help him find Jerry.

This teen isn't nearly tough as she portends to be.

Lucy demands that Kevin tell her what's going on in Seattle once and for all or she'll just have to find out for herself.

Dante and Lulu decide on a baby name. 

Dante hears something he's not supposed to. 

Spinelli overhears a shocking secret.

Maxie, Anna, and Lucy help Felicia get ready for the wedding.

Mac has a wonderful wedding day surprise for Felicia.

Sean Donely arrives to give Felicia away at her wedding.