Rumorville: The activity surrounding Mac and Felicia's wedding will last for at least a week (perhaps a bit longer). Some of what occurs will lead into the big happenings in September.

Emma continues to have and cause issues.

When a younger girl first comes on the scene you won't be aware of who she is until later down the line.

Look for a twist regarding Sam's paternity, and for some (perhaps pleasant?) surprises regarding her paternal relatives. (As mentioned in a previous Rumorville item of June 27th, there was a casting call for TWO men in their late 40's. Coincidence? Or not?)

Kiki remains unaware of the fact that she is not a Quartermaine.

Deception is getting its own set.

Dr. Orbrecht's reappearance causes drama (and danger?) for Sabrina and Patrick. (In fact, Dr. Orbrecht has her fingers in many things, some of which we may not learn right away.)

Connie's mental health is rapidly deteriorating, which will have a big impact on Sonny and Olivia, among others.

When the truth surrounding Maxie's baby comes out, Lulu and Dante will have differing reactions.  Lulu's will be one of sympathy and understanding. The same cannot be said for Dante.

Expect a lot of drama surrounding the labor and birth of the babies that Maxie and Britt have been carrying (a dark and stormy night or a similar scenario) both during and after. Both babies live. A search begins (as previously mentioned in Rumorville on June 10th). 

In fact, now may be a good time to review all of our Rumorville items, from June and forward. Just remember, grain of salt!